Luke 18 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Luke 18?


Luke 18 is a 2-day retreat for 8th graders prior to their confirmation. The retreat is put on by the high schoolers of the parish. They give talks and facilitate small groups with the 8th graders to bring them to a closer relationship with God.



What are the dates and times?


Saturday March 28, 2020: Lukers (8th graders) arrive between 9:30-10 am in the MPR and will be picked up at 9:45 in the MPR.


Sunday, March 29, 2020: Lukers will arrive at 10 am in the MPR and the retreat will close with 5:30 Mass in the main church and all are invited to attend. Lukers can leave directly after Mass.



How much does it cost and where do we mail checks?


$80 for 8th graders, $40 for High Schoolers helping with the retreat. 


Please mail checks, made payable to Ascension Youth Ministry, to Ascension Catholic Church, 238 Santa Maria Dr., Chesterfield, MO 63005 no later than March 20, 2020.



What do we do all day?


Lukers will listen to talks given by High School teens on topics relating to prayer, relationships with God, peers, and family, recognizing your gifts and talents among other topics. They will participate in small group discussions led by high schoolers.  Lukers will be given the opportunity to receive reconciliation and spend time in adoration of our Lord.  In addition, there will be team building games, recreational time, and great food!

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