Unplanned Discussion Questions

Don't let the fear of a tough conversation keep you from talking to each other.
Teens, you may have questions-- be courageous and ask your parents about it.
Feeling uncomfortable? That makes sense. 
Here are some questions that may help get the conversation started:
  1. How would you describe the movie? How did it leave you feeling?
  2. Why is it important to talk about abortion?
  3. Had you ever thought before about what happens during an abortion procedure?
  4. What did you think or feel after seeing that?
  5. Do you think that in general, the majority of people know what happens during an abortion?
  6. If Abby told her parents she had an abortion, what might their reaction been?
  7. What were your thoughts when you saw the effects for the abortion pill RU 487?
  8. How does seeing the movie impact your feelings on praying in front of the abortion clinic?
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